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DIG it! Volleyball

Educate, Inspire, and Empower Young Women to Lead Healthy, Confident Lives. 

Developing the Inner Girl
Dig it! Volleyball is a free after-school girls volleyball program that aims to inspire participants to lead healthy, confident lives. Our mission is to use the sport of volleyball and character development training to educate and inspire at-rick girls to lead healthy, confident lives. 



“The DIG it! Volleyball Program is amazing! It truly develops the inner girl and allows them to discover themselves. It opens doors for those who couldn’t open them themselves. ”

—  Adam's Park BGCSTL DIG it! Director

“As a classroom teacher and DIG it! volunteer I have seen firsthand how beneficial the program has been for our students. It has helped my students build social skills, especially the ability to empathize and cooperate, it has grown their levels of self-confidence which has translated into the classroom and academic performance, and has also increased their self discipline. ”

—  DIG it! Coach

"This program gives our girls an opportunity to participate in sports when there aren't a lot of options for them. It also allows them to develop confidence and take pride in what they do. They feel important and like they are 'famous'. "

—  DIG it! Elementary Director

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