Boston Area

Youth Volleyball

Boston UVC Doubles League

Aug 18th to Sep 3rd 

Boys + Girls divisions


Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30 - 7:30 PM


Location: Oak Hill/ Brown Fields, 125 Meadowbrook Rd Newton, MA 02459

6 nights of competition


Boston UVC 5-10 Year Old Clinic

July 28st to August 18th,


Ages 5-7 + 8-10 

Tuesdays 4-5pm

Location: Oak Hill/ Brown Fields,  125 Meadowbrook Rd Newton, MA 02459

4 week clinic 


Boston UVC Doubles Clinic

June 30th to August 13th

Boys + Girls Divisions

Ages 10-18 

Tue/Thr 6-8PM​

Location: Oak Hill/ Brown Fields,  125 Meadowbrook Rd Newton, MA 02459

12 total sessions​


*This program is mostly full - click the "contact us" button to learn more!

Program Details

We are very excited to continue our summer of doubles volleyball!   Playing 2 on 2 outdoors is a great way to continue to improve indoor volleyball skills while also participating in a new and exciting type of volleyball.

Please note that an AVP America Membership is needed for all programs.  Sign up at:

Our Doubles League will give athletes a chance to compete in 2 or more matches each night against athletes of a similar skill level.  High level coaches will be assigned to a few courts and will give feedback / instruction when appropriate but teaching will not be the focus of this league.  This is a great opportunity for players completing the doubles clinic series who want to test out their skills against others and also for athletes experienced at indoor volleyball but new to the doubles game!

Doubles teams are fixed, meaning you’ll play games with the same partner each night against the competition. You can sign up as a doubles team or as a single and we will match you up with a partner.

Our 5-10 year old clinic is a program we are very excited to be running! We are thrilled to have an opportunity to work with athletes who will be future stars on the court and are highly motivated to help these athletes fall in love with our favorite sport!

Our Boston UVC Doubles Clinic has been exceptionally successful so far and we are grateful to our coaches, athletes, and parents for all doing their part to make it special.  Our elite level coaches teach a new skill or technique each session and we set up drills and game play designed to reinforce the concept.  Our athletes are prepared to move on and play at a high level in tournaments around New England!

Why Beach Volleyball?


Beach Volleyball refers to 2 on 2 outdoor volleyball.  Beach volleyball tournaments take place both on the grass and on the sand, sometimes at beaches and other times at parks.

Volleyball is a sport that has taken the nation by storm, in youth participation volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports across the United States. This is due in large part to the expansion of beach volleyball. Once looked upon as a game for the backyard and cookouts, beach volleyball is now not only in the Olympics, but also offered at the college level as an NCAA athletic program. California has been the one that is leading the charge for beach volleyball’s growth, but within the past five years the east coast has followed suit. Already there are multiple clubs in New England that have started beach clubs and are running beach clinics. It is easy to see why this sport has grown so easily, what’s better than spending a day outdoors with your friends, while also competing in a sport that you love?

Read more about the future in beach volleyball.

Aside from it being an enjoyable activity, beach volleyball also offers overwhelming benefits to those looking to become better indoor volleyball players. Although it is a different game, with its own specific strategies, much of the techniques and fundamentals are the same for both beach as well as indoors. Some of the benefits to playing beach volleyball are as simple as ball control and proper footwork. On the beach, there are only two people on a team, which means that you have to be able to cover a lot more court than you may be used to in the indoor game. Coupled with this, every played needs to feel comfortable with each skill in the sport, including setting, hitting, and passing effectively. Often times, indoor players may be confident in one or two basic skills. Beach, however, makes you competent as a complete player, which will bring your indoor game to the next level.

One of the most important aspects of beach is mentality and mental toughness. Given that there are only two players, to win a ball game both of you have to perform under pressure. In indoor volleyball, it is easy to hide players that may struggle with certain parts of the game. On the beach, it’s up to the two on the court to perform, something that may not have been on your shoulders in an indoor match. 

Ultimately, beach volleyball is an amazing opportunity for any player to get better at the sport they love, while also enjoying their time outside with their friends. The sport is going to continue to grow and it is very exciting that it is becoming available to the youths in our area. Boston United Volleyball Club is fortunate to have some of the most experienced players and coaches to help out this summer. BUVC is truly looking forward to helping this sport continue to grow and giving young athletes exposure to beach volleyball. 

Meet your Boston UVC Beach Coaches
Garrett Bucklin

Starting on the beaches of Newport Rhode Island back in 2012, Garrett has played beach volleyball professionally for the past four years. This includes competing in AVP qualifiers, traveling around the country for tournaments, as well as competing in England on the UKBT on their national tour. His playing career found its peak with a championship win in BUCS, the British university competition this past spring. Recently he has been more focused on coaching, having over 5 years under his belt, he has experience coaching in more than four countries and is looking to increase that number. This summer he is a dedicated member of the BUVC and is excited to bring his knowledge to Carson beach and members of the club.

Kevin McDonald

Kevin brings over 10 years of coaching experience to Boston UVC. Coach Kevin was the assistant coach for the University of Rhode Island from 2010-2012 and also coached for Rhode Island Blast and for Boston University. As a player, Coach Kevin was a standout in Rhode Island being named All-State twice and went on to compete collegiately at the University of Rhode Island.  Kevin also competed at the highest levels of the New England Beach scene and twice advanced to the finals in Men’s Open level tournaments!  

Lucas Coffeen

Lucas brings 20 years of experience coaching teams, running camps, and teaching clinics. He is the head coach of Newton South HS girls and boys volleyball and coaches girls and boys travel teams at SMASH Volleyball. With motivation for coaching all age groups, Lucas' coaching ranges from 12U to 18U travel teams. As a player, Lucas started off right here in MA as the high school state player of the year, went on to set a few records in college, and played open level beach and indoor, winning tournaments in New England and beyond. 

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