Our National teams practice 3x/week, competing in some of the top competitive tournaments in the New England region. Our National teams travel in 1-2 National level travel tournaments each year. Teams from 12u to 18u.


Practice Site:

Boston Sports Club 

140 Great Plain Ave 

Wellesley, MA 02482​​

Season Costs

Deposit: $695


Uniform package + gear ($350 value)

InnerPro Annual Membership ($120 Value)

AAU Membership

Admin Fees

October positional/team clinics

Monthly Training Cost: $450 per Month

$1800 - $2700​

Includes ~24-30 hours of training each month.

Tournaments will have no additional fee but can not be guaranteed this season due to COVID.

How Will UVC Adjust To Our Ever Changing World?​

The COVID Pandemic has had a profound impact on all of us.  UVC is committed to helping your child have a positive and memorable season regardless of what is thrown at us.


First, and most importantly, we will continue to follow all state and local guidelines in order to keep everyone safe.  We safely trained over 300 athletes this summer in various camps, clinics and leagues and will continue to adjust to the current best practices.


We plan to start earlier (clinics in October, full practices starting the first week of November) and hope to compete for 6 straight months through May 1st.  We are aware that many high schools are planning a Spring season for Girls Volleyball and will pause (or reduce the number of practices each week) to accommodate this and help our athletes enjoy the season they deserve.

We may also need to pause due to an uptick in cases.  If we do not fit a full season in before May 1st we are prepared to extend our season through June and July in order to help you reach your volleyball goals.


Tournaments may change as well.  Many 1-day events early in the season may feel more like scrimmages. This is to keep you safe and comfortable given our current situation.  We all hope to have events that feel like they used to by March/April/May of next year but only time will tell. We would LOVE to be able to travel out of region toward the end of the season but do not know what the future holds for us.

Whatever 2021 throws at us, we will be ready and will control everything in our power to help you love this season!

Multiple Day AAU Tournaments

2-3 of the following (dates subject to change due to COVID and HS Spring Schedule). Tournaments carry no additional fee but can not be guaranteed due to possible COVID shutdowns.

  • January 30-31
    New England AAU Grand Prix (Hanover, MA)

  • February 20-21
    New England AAU Super Regional (Hanover, MA) 

  • March 28-29
    CT AAU Grand Prix (Mohegan Sun)

  • Possible - May 1,2 

       CT AAU Spring Tournament (Mohegan Sun)

  • Possible - May 29,30,31

       CT AAU Super Regional (Mohegan Sun)

Single Day AAU Tournaments

3-5 of the following possible AAU Champions League dates:

  • December 5 or 6​

  • December 19 or 20

  • Feb. 6 or 7

  • March 13 or 14

  • April 10

  • May 1

Additional Tournaments

​We hope to play in these events but do not know if they will be able to run this season due to COVID restrictions.

  • Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival (Boston, MA)
    February 26-28 or March 5-7

  • Rhode Island Rumble

       April 17-18 or April 24-25

National Travel may be possible.  If it is an additional travel fee will be assessed when we choose our travel tournament.

2020/2021 TEAM ROSTER

Elite National 15U


Team Roster:

  • Eloise Svedlund - 2024 MB

  • Sophie Hester - 2024 DS

  • Ava Balukonis - 2024 S/RS

  • Jessie Wang - 2024 OH/RS

  • Karla Sahin - 2024 OH/DS

  • Emerson Paquette -2024 OH/DS

  • Kayla Smith - 2024 OH

  • Simone Sykes - 2024 DS/RS

  • Annabel Poynter- 2024 S

Coach: Kevin Macdonald

Email: kmcdonald714@gmail.com


Elite National 16U

Team Roster:

  • Catherine Consigli - 2023 L

  • Evie Leadholm - 2023 DS

  • Katrina Barnes - 2023 Mb/RS

  • Anneli DiVirgilio - 2023 L/OH

  • Milly Guemple - 2023 OH

  • Preeya Patel -2023 OH/S

  • Sophia Goulopoulos - 2023 MB/Pin

  • Elena Tsitsas - 2023 MB/RS

  • Kinga McPherson -2023 S

  • Vera Monteiro -2023 M/RS

Coach: Matt Dugan

Email: duganm1@wit.edu


Elite National 17U


Team Roster:

  • Bree Bacon - 2023 DS/OH

  • Caty Robins - 2022 OH

  • Eyere Ewah - 2022 MB

  • Kaitlyn Karmilowiczk - 2022 MB

  • Meredith Doherty - 2022 RS/DS

  • Morgan Brandl - 2022 OH

  • Niamh Prentiss - 2022 S

  • Raegan Lacombe - 2022 RS

  • Sofia Patrizi Sorcini - 2022 DS

  • Tanisha Konduru - 2022 S/DS

  • Kristina Vo - 2022 L

Coach: Caitlyn Vann

Email: caitlyn@bostonuvc.com


Elite National 18U


Team Roster:

  • Kayla Springer - 2022 MB

  • Alexandra Spencer - 2022 MB

  • Darya Bourdine - 2022 DS

  • Dilara Bahadir - 2022 DS

  • Holly Sullivan - 2022 OH

  • Kyri Stavros - 2022 S

  • LuciRose Wallace - 2022 L

  • Mia Maxwell - 2021 MB/OH

  • Samantha Mirra - 2021 OH/RS

  • Priya Carkner - 2022 DS

Coach: Courtney Mone't Person

Email: courtney@bostonuvc.com