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Regional Teams practice 2x/week and compete in some of the top tournaments in the New England Region. 

Fall Tryouts are for the 2022-2023 season that begins in mid November.


All players on all teams are trained with the same skills and drills. Our goal is to train at a higher level for all players and teams. Practice times & locations vary by team. Boston UVC's main training facility is Cambridge School of Weston in Weston, MA


  • Girls Regional teams: Practice 2X/week for 1.5-2hrs depending on the team

  • Girls Regional Team Training Schedule: Practices begin Mid-November and go through April 

  • Practice Location: Cambridge School of Weston (45 Georgian Rd Weston, MA)


  • There are typically 1-2 tournaments each month

  • Single-day tournaments last all day, usually starting at 8:00 am and ending around 6:00 pm if the team continues to win during bracket play.

  • Multi-day tournaments are usually divided into two sessions – morning and afternoon. The morning session starts at 8AM and concludes around 2 or 3PM. The afternoon session starts at 3PM and concludes around 8 or 9PM.  

Season Costs 

  • Deposit: $585

    • Deposit includes uniform package + gear, AAU membership, and administrative fees 

  • Monthly Training Cost: $375/mo for 5 months of training 

    • This includes 12-16 hours of training each month. This does NOT include tournament travel costs (hotels + transportation) ​

  • Total Cost: $2445

2022-2023 SEASON DATES

Practice Days:

Practices will begin the week of November 28th


U12 Girls:

12 Black & 12 Blue

Tuesday 6-7:30PM & Sunday 8-9:30AM


U13 Girls:

13 Black & 13 Blue 

Tuesday 6-7:30PM & Sunday 8-9:30AM


U14 Girls:

14 Pink & 14 Purple  

Tuesday 6-7:30PM & Sunday 8-9:30AM

14 Black, 14 Blue, 14 Navy, 14 Grey, 14 White

Tuesday 7:30-9PM & Sunday 9:30-11AM

U15 Girls:

15 Black, 15 Blue, 15 Grey, 15 White, 15 Pink, 15 Purple

Monday & Wednesday 6-7:30PM 


15 Navy

Monday & Wednesday 7:30-9PM


U16 Girls:

16 Black & 16 Blue

Monday & Wednesday 7:30-9PM 


16 Navy, 16 Grey, 16 White

Thursday 6-7:30PM & Saturday 11-12:30PM


U17 Girls:

17 Black & 17 Blue 

Thursday 7:30-9PM & Saturday 12:30-2PM

U18 Black:

Thursday 7:30-9PM & Saturday 12:30-2PM

Tentative Tournament Schedule
Please note that the tournament schedule is subject to change.​​

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