Boston UVC Tryouts

Boys Tryouts

(All Ages)

Sunday, November 22nd


Boston Sports Club

140 Great Plain Ave

Wellesley, MA

U12 Tryouts

Sunday, November 22nd


Boston Sports Club

140 Great Plain Ave

Wellesley, MA

Program Details

All - Skills Clinics 

Incoming 8th - 12th grade girls

We will review serving, passing, attacking, setting, and defense.


Many high school coaches agree that the most important skill is serving.  With that understanding, we will spend a good amount of time teaching/reviewing a jump float serve, jump topspin serve, short serve, and aggressive standing float serve.


We will spend ~50% of our time in game play situations to help athletes get ready for the season!

As with all of our programs, we strive to be encouraging and positive.  Athletes will leave this clinic feeling ready to succeed in their high school tryouts!

Libero Clinics


The advanced libero clinics are designed to help anyone looking to take the next step as a back row player.  Skills to be taught include: 


Serve receive: Liberos primary job is to anchor the teams serve receive. 

Teaching will include basic serve receive technique, receiving with your hands, receiving against deep serves, receiving against short serves, receiving topspin serves


Defense: Liberos secondary job is to captain the teams defense.

Teaching will include basic defensive technique, defending with your hands, Defense against the pin attackers, defense against the middle, dive + roll technique, defending tips/reflections.


Out of System Setting: Most high level teams use their libero as the primary out of system setter. We will teach front hand setting, back hand setting, front bump setting, and back bump setting.


Setter/Hitter clinics

Day 1 will be split -

Setters will work on footwork, hand positioning pre-set, hand setting technique, bump setting, out of system setting, and running an offense (basic and advanced)


Attackers will work on 2, 3, and 4 step footwork, becoming more explosive as jumpers, attacking body positioning + technique, timing, tipping, thumbs up/down shots, and position specific attacking.


Day 2 will be combined:

Setters will work on setting to hitters in a variety of situations. We will use the skills and techniques learned on day 1.


Setters + hitters will learn how to run:

4, Go, Hut, 1, 3, A, slide, C, Wave + back row attacks.